Monday, November 5, 2012

The beginning

Now to start off on this adventure of a blog, I'd like to explain my point of view on fashion. It is everywhere around us, and it is what defines us in my opinion. Style is an essence of your being and says a lot about a person. Even not having a style can be a style. Clothes make us feel comfortable in our skin wether we are fat or skinny, young or old, tall or short. There is something for everyone. Style's come in every form as well. From preppy to jock to formal to skater to chic, its all there to define us. And you can be one of three people. There are the ones to follow, to conform to what they see. They do not define their own style but absorb others into themselves to project that its really who they are when it might not be. Not to say this is bad it takes effort and time to be something your not and perfect a style and money as well to continually keep up with the changes of the norm. Then there are the ones who create. It takes an ingenious mind to form a new trend and create your own sense of style. However this can branch into two section: A unique style with good taste and something worth noting. Something that can be absorbed by the fashion industry and liked by many. Then there is the style that is worth more value in ignoring when the person walks by. Do not confuse style with that random mismatched outfit you think is chic. Because it is not. Lastly there are those who beautifully blend style with trend with creativity in harmony which I like to call a stylist. Its someone who understands the balance between these things and creates something unique on their own for someone to enjoy. They can pinpoint a style down to the last shoe string and belt, or create a wave of new trends because they know whats coming next. This is what I am and what I'm striving to perfect. My eye is not made for stiching and designing an item, but piecing together clothing in a manner suitable to even the pickiest of clients. I may be new, but I have a lot to say and big dreams to fill. Follow me in my journey through my life fashion to learn, read, criticize, whatever may please you. I am James Maze, and this is the blog of a Sharp Dressed Man.

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