Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everything about boots!

Hello trusty fashion followers today I’ll be showing you the in’s and outs of boots for this winter. Now I believe there to be a few main types of boots; Fashion boots, multipurpose boots, vintage boots and dress boots. Each give a different style for a different occasion, but all keep you warm in the winter time and in trend this season.
         Now with fashion boots there’s the chukka, the classic heal and lace up, the shoe boot and the moto boot. Each give you a different style and range in different prices. The chukka is a much more casual/formal shoe. You can wear them with cuffed khakis and it’s a perfect style. A favorite of mine is the Cole Haan Air Charles Chukka($228), but if your looking for something a bit more affordable try the Clarks originals desert boot($120). The classic boot is always a favorite and popular on trend right now. Perfect with a normal pair of jeans and tucked in or socks out. They can range very high in price and fairly low as well. A simple example is the Cole Haan Air Harrison laced up boot($200 sale!) Now for the shoe boot. A clever combination of the comfort of a shoe with the style and look of a boot. Cole Haan paired up with nike and added their sole into their shoes which is ingenious to be and is a great look. Cole Haan Lunar Grand chukka($278). Diesel also has one of my favorites with the Basket Butch($140). And lastly the moto boot. Great for well riding a motorcycle or looking like you do. Check out the Frye Harness 8r boot($238).
Cole Haan Air charles Chukka

Clarks original desert 

Frye harness 8r

Diesel basket butch 

Cole Haan air harrison
Cole Haan lunar Grand
         Now the multipurpose boots. Great if you live in a quite rainy area or are just going for a more rugged look. But keep in mind, don’t over do it. Nobody wants to see you looking like GI joe in army boots. Now some of my favorite are the Palladium Wool lined Pampa sport cuff($140), and Sperry’s Top-Sider Shipyard rigger boot($140). Both water proof and wool lined perfect for the winter time and to grasp this look.

         Vintage is just a cool category of shoes. It’s pricey but worth it for the old style look these companies give you. They either provide the classic wingtip or the leather is washed to look like a boot straight from the 1900’s giving you a vintage look going great with a suit or jeans. The more popular vintage looking boots are in my opinion Frye and To Boot. Here are some choices depending on what color you want and style your going for; Frye James boot($238), To Boot New York Kilburn boot($398), Allen Edmonds Dalton boot($375).

To Boot New York

Allen Edmonds
         Lastly the dress boot. The classic Italian no lace all leather boot. Perfect for the business man, date or work. Now these are usually a much higher end boot so ill show you the best and then the more affordable. First check out Dolce&Gabbana’s Cap toe Chelsea boot($825, Salvatore Ferragamo Arden Chelsea boot($660) and Santoni Shipley Chelsea boot($675). Now if your trying to keep it a bit lower in the price range look up the Calvin Klein Galen Chelsea boot($170).
Calvin Klein

Salvatore Ferragamo


         Make sure when your trying on your boots they don’t have to much room because its leather and it will stretch. That’s my shpeel on boots stay tuned for my next post!

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