Thursday, November 8, 2012

Everyday Formal

Ever heard that saying “chivalry is dead”? Well Apparently men dressing well in formal wear is dead to. Guy’s lets bring back that age of slick slacks and great blazers in a new style. I can’t tell you how many times at school I’m confronted for wearing a tie asking, “oh what’s the occasion?” Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize looking like a sharp dressed stud was illegal to do without an occasion. As ZZ Top states, “every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man.” This is oh to true so guys take a few tips on how to apply this style to yourself and don’t be afraid to pull a few ladies in the process.

Ill start out with two looks on the more affordable side. And keep in mind once you have one blazer you can always mix it up with a bunch of different colored shirts, ties, and slacks. The first look is A Topman feature from nordstrom’s, the Skinny Wool Trousers($150), Wool Blazer($350), grab a black dress shirt, skinny black tie ($12) from H&M, and these Magnanni ‘Dorio’ Velvet Venetian loafer($285). This is a simple but eye catching look and throw a light brown leather belt and this Topman ‘ish’ leather watch($25) and your set to go.

The next look takes a bit more casual side of dressing up, and can all be found at nordstrom’s. From top down, James Perse jersey v-neck T in white($50), John Varvatos Star USA ‘dwell 2’ black blazer($199), red Topman skinny chinos($60) and the Allen Edmonds MacNeil oxford in black ($345). This look is completely versatile wether you wish to put a button up on, or maybe throw on some different watches and such. It’s a perfect balance between casual and formal. Don’t be afraid to throw on those glasses as well guys it’ll give you a much classier look if you wear them.

And never forget guy you always button just the top button. Thats it. Now stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I go over a more formal look to keep you looking good for a friday night out.
James Maze

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