Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The studded man

The studded man.
Now I'm not one to say that girl's shouldn't be wearing studded outfits. They look downright sexy and its a great trend. But common men that was stolen right from our punk roots. So today I say lets take that back.
Now i'll always be giving the high end and affordable end on clothing ideas so keep that in mind.
First off who says guys can't wear some studded shoes as well.
Check out this studded pair of monk strap shoes from Zara($165). Perfect with a pair of G-star's 3301 slim aged wash jeans($140) and a white v-neck to get that classic rocker look.

Alternatively another option to this shoe would be the Dr. Marten studded Harlen($250).
Now if you trying to flash it up a bit try these studded roller boy spikes from Christian Louboutin($1,395), a perfect flash of color on a night out with some black slim slacks, black button up and Boss's Black "Keys" Velvet blazer from nordstrom's($595).

Now for pants I'm not to huge on studs, but jackets are different. Levis has a great affordable denim jacket the slim fit trucker($88) on their website. Go online to   http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale/wholesale-studs-for-clothing.html to pick up some super affordable studs, grab your classic denim jacket, and stud either the front two pockets or the edges of the shoulder. And add a white shirt, G-star's 3301 super slim black jeans($200), some boots and you got a second awesome rocker look to make the ladies drool.

Don't forget you can stud virtually any jacket you want, but make sure you don't over do it with the studs.
And always to complete the look with some accessories the classic black ray ban wayfarer's($150) are always my first pick for this style and throw on this leather cross M cohen bracelet($170) from karmaloop.com and your set.

And guys, never forgot as well as your new studded style is going to play out for you, keep the hair clean cut. Personally I rock the slick back look but regardless of what you believe, nobody wants to see a messy head of hair so keep it clean. Because secretly we all would love to look like Ryan Gosling on a daily basis, because he always gets the girls with his style.

Thats my advice for you so I hope to see the men take back this studded look.
Your stylist James Maze.

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